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Sonic Blue Pool Service has years of experience with pool repairs and is ready to take care of these your pool problems today!

Weekly Maintenance

Thoroughly cleaning your pool on a weekly basis during the swimming season will ensure clean and safe swimming water.
  • Skim Off Leaves and Debris - Use a long-handled leaf skimmer to gather up leaves, insects, and any other debris floating on the surface of the pool. Try to remove debris before it sinks to the bottom of your pool where it becomes difficult to remove and may create stains.
  • Brush - Use a brush to remove dirt that has collected on the sides and bottom of your pool. Brush sediment toward the main drain so it can be easily vacuumed.
  • Vacuum - Submerge your vacuum head and hose, before hooking up the vacuum to the filter.
  • Clean Skimmer(s) - You should also clean out your skimmer(s) weekly or more often if necessary. Removing debris allows the skimmer to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Check Water Circulation - Your pool's circulation system includes the skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains, and filter. The system helps chemicals work effectively and ensures that water is properly filtered. Run your pump long enough each day to make sure the water is properly filtered and keep each item clean and in good condition.
  • Check Filter - The three most popular types of filters - sand, cartridge, and vertical grid DE - screen out debris and particles from your pool water. You should clean and maintain your filter according to the manufacturer's directions.
  • Shock - Test your pool water frequently (daily or weekly depending on use) and add chemicals if necessary, following manufacturers' directions. A regular shock treatment cleanses the water of algae, bacteria, dirt, and any other organic matter that may have entered the pool. Follow manufacturer's directions for shock treatments.


Keep your pool clean, efficient and safe with routine pool maintenance service. Ensuring a clean environment is the goal of any pool professional, so why choose one over the other? Quality and reliability are two good reasons, but you also need a pool technician that is certified, knows the local “rules and regs” and can take on any needed repairs and renovations that may come up.

The good news is that Sonic Blue Pool Service offers multi-day service contracts with 24/7 service. And we cover all your bases: If something goes wrong, we’ll be there with a smart repair. And if you want to upgrade your existing pool, we’re ready and experienced.

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